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There are so many things scaring him.

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The dark tunnel. The fierce old man. But one afternoon someone is waiting for him in front of the school. A nice guy with floppy ears and an amazing friendliness. Juri has finished his rocket and together with his sausage dog Laika sets out on his first flight into space.

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Everything seems perfect when they are suddenly drawn into an enormous storm in outer space. Having landed on an unknown star, they find that the rocket has been badly damaged. To make matters worse, they…. A wild thing has been waiting for Kira on her way to kindergarten as of late! It sits in a tree, has sharp teeth and is frightening. Kira would rather die than walk past the Wild once more. So she accompanies her dad to the office instead.

It is boring at the office and all…. One fine day, the bees called for a grand assembly in the beehive. The purpose of the meeting? To discuss why it was that they were always all squashed together in cramped working conditions. After many complex computations, equations and calculations, they realized that there was one bee too many in their beehive!

The bees….

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They discover new ways…. When grandpa was a child everything was very different. The book humorously and…. Nobody had ever encountered him and everything that existed remained safe and sound. But then one day death walks into the village and from that very moment everything changes fundamentally. When Emanuel and Bilali wake up in the morning, there is no breakfast waiting for them.

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The boys live on the streets. When they are hungry they have to look for something to eat. Otherwise their empty stomach strats to growl like a lion. Fortunately, the boys have a lot of experience how to get….

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  5. Opportunities to Talk About Time Summertime, wintertime, spare time, timeout, best-before-dates — everything has its own time. Antje Damm renders time both visible and tangible — with photos, pictures and thought-provoking impulses. A book that not only children can spend a great deal of time with!

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    It is rather strange with time: sometimes we have…. His investigation takes him into the world of many animals as he wanders and compares the pile on…. It is difficult to say what love is. But this much is clear: it is something to do with kissing or so. Wondering who wants to kiss whom and who may or even should do so. Wondering about the before and after. The longing,…. This is a little book with big ideas.

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    Sometimes provocative, always interesting, every page can be the start of a new discussion. Reading the questions, and looking at the pictures, each child will have different answers to give, and things to ask. The questions are intriguing, the images sometimes startling, sometimes beautiful, and always engaging…. The bear is tired of being alone. He yearns to have a child, but does not know what to do. So he starts wandering around asking everybody what he has to do to become a father.

    The rabbit tells him that children grow on the field like turnips.


    The magpie advises him to lay an…. Especially sheep no. Rodolfo, one of the Designers of All Things and grandson of the esteemed inventor of the rainbow, dreams of creating a creature that flies like a bird has the beauty of a flower. Whilst sitting by the lake and wondering how to do this he finally has a great idea. A delightful tale about an…. Leonard loves dogs and he knows everything about them. But at the same time he fears nothing as much as dogs. Until one day a little fairy appears on his bed cover and fulfills his biggest wish: she transforms him into a dog.

    But now something unexpected happens: Leonard the dog fears nothing as much…. Five animals meet in the shade of an old bridge: hyena, rat, spider, bat and toad — the frightful five! They are not there to make any mischievous plans; rather they are all very unhappy because nobody really likes them. But after a while the five become tired of their moaning and make plans to…. A man catches an eagle and brings it up amongst chickens. Once upon a time there was a king who counted and recounted all of his possessions every morning from the window of his castle.

    Everything he saw was his: lands, wells, trees, and houses. All he cared about was the price of things, and not the happiness of the people. When young Ovidi goes to…. Picture Books. Frida, Flii and Mo. Read more. Fleech, the Leech. Lucky Dung Beetle! Octopus at the Tailor. Small Steps Through the City. Song of the River. Are You Spinning yet? This Giant, My Friend. On the Horizon.

    When the Cows Float. Excuses Excuses. The Letter. The Night Riders. The Panther.

    In the Garden. I Love Rainy Days. The Tantrum that Saved the World. Animal Sorting Book. The Great Stranger. Mizu et Yoko: Flying Away. Mizu and Yoko: Alone. Our Circus. Picture Book Award — Finalists. Where Do We Go from Here?

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    A New Friend for Digger Dan. Sleep Tight, Digger Dan! Two for Me, One for You. Any Old Mountain. Oh My Gosh, Said the Fox. The Bridge Troll.